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Become a member in a world all your own!

It is wonderful to be able to enjoy everything that nature has to offer. The view from SPRINGHILLS is breathtaking and impregnable, and its peace and quiet are unbroken.

Your children have their own world, their own sports center, their own swimming pool and can enjoy cycling and horse riding to their heart's content.

Small children are safely kept in their nursery. They can enjoy the fresh air, and the wonderful view of the sea, and they can be taken on nice walks in the lavender-lines lanes.

Everything is there for them and for you to enjoy in a world all your own!

We will be honored to guide you over the site and show you its special qualities.

SPRINGHILLS COUNTRY CLUB S.A.L is a Lebanese company registered in the trade register of Baabda under number 47133, capital 14,200,000,000 Lebanese pounds or 9,500,000 U.S $ fully paid, divided up into 3200 registed shares.