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SPRINGHILLS country club is a small paradise designed in the shape of a terraced garden in the midst of a pine forest on a hillside overlooking the sea and Beirut.

SPRINGHILLS was built in a way which makes it part of the hillside: it goes up in steps over the hillside, so that you get a striking view of the surrounding countryside from one end of it to the other.

The sports, social and cultural activities of the club are open to the members and their families.

SPRINGHILLS is situated in Mar Roukoss, at just a 10 minutes' drives from Beirut, Dekwaneh, Mansourieh, Jdeideh, Ain Saadeh and Beit Mery. It covers as much as 17,000 square meters and includes leisure rooms, outdoor sports grounds, three swimming pools and a wonderful small world for children in the midst of nature.